The Old-Catholic Apostolic Succession - Sea of Utrecht
 Bishops on record: 145

WINNAERT Louis Joseph Charles - Born: 1880
portrait coat of arms
Consecrated on 22 Mar 1922, London, UK
By the Bishops:

James Ingall WEDGWOOD, Robert KING Bernard Eduard Rupert KING
Appointments & Jurisdictions

Ordained as Roman Catholic priest in 1905, creates a new parish in Paris, expelled from the Rpman Catholic Church in 1919, Joins briefly the protestant movement, but resigns in 1920, searching for freedom in Catholicism. He is consecrated by Bp. Wedgwood, but soon resigns. and opens an idependant church in Paris. He joins the Orthodoc Moscovite Partriarch in 1936.
Emeritate: Resigned: Terminated: Died: 3 Mar 1937

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