Bishop Wedgwood introduced the use of gems in ceremonial magic. Leadbeater's The Scuence of Sacraments described their use in the Liturgy of the Holy Eucharist. But Wedgwood experimented also in Masonic rituals by designing the layout of a Lodge using gems. His views on the power of Masonic Ceremonial Magic are summarized below:

Masonic Ceremonial Magic

from "L'Art et les Mystères", by Marille

Ceremonial Magic, when properly used, will alter the defects of the human mind. In each phase of the Ritual, the dignitaries are expected to possess the power to magnetize the vehicles of consciousness and to link the deep counsciousness with the consciousness of daily life. The admission into a higher degree depend on two factors: first, the true development of the candidate; then the power coming from the Officers participating in the ceremony. In principle, every human being may be submitted to this trial, but the results will be increased when the upper vehicles are consciously active on the higher planes.

The teachings given by Wedgwood are in concordance with my (Marille) views. He said that in the past the band of the Masonic apron was strongly magnetized and made a circle of etheric matter separating the higher part of the body from the lower, and that the masonic Rituals had the effect to increase the powers of the upper part of the body.

Masonic Initiation is intimately related to the Doctrine of Reintegration of all Beings. A Doctrine that Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin spread among his disciples, in a symbolic form:

"Man was originally wearing an impenetrable armor, and owned a lance made of four metals hitting at two different places. He fought in a forest of seven trees, each tree having sixteen roots and four hundred ninety branches. He had walked away from the center of the land and had to return, and he had traded his shiny armour for another that was defective...."

The explanation of this teaching is the object of a special Initiation, that cannot be described here.

The Masonic ceremonies should have the effect of strongly revitilize every participant, and that Initiation consists exactly in creating an abnormal state of consciousness, as close as possible from the complete awakening in the invisible worlds. Man has unlimitted potential in himself, and may be used in may forms. He often forgets the glory of his heritage, but Free Masonry reminds him of it by its symbols. In re-awakening in Man its creative powers, masonry make him able to participate in the building of the Temple of Salomon, and to rescucitate Hiram in himself.

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