While living in the Netherlands, and working for the Liberal Catholic Church, Bishop Wedgwood kept working for occult Masonry. He traveled often to Malines (Mechelen), Belgium and was received into the very secret Lodge "Heliopolis", the very first Lodge of the Egyptian Rite founded by Marconis de Nègre after the French revolution. Prominent members of the Belgian Theosophical Society, as Marille, Lemaire, and Bishop Nijssens, were also members of that Lodge and worked for several years under Wedgwood's directions to produce a more elaborate Masonic ritual. All the archives of this work disappeared when the home of Mr. Lemaire was destroyed by a V1 flying bomb during World War II. Br. Marille published a summary of Wedgwood's views and teachings in his own work.
Bp. Wedgwood introduced the use of gems in liturgy. Bp. C.W.Leadbeater's book The Science of Sacraments describes such use in the Liberal Catholic Rite of the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. But Wedgwood introduced also such use in Masonry, in the Rite he composed. and of which a Lodge plan, using gems has survived. His ideas about the power of ceremonial magic are summarized below:

Masonic Doctrine

from "L'Art et les Mystères", by Marille

My purpose in writing this book (Marille) was to shed some light on what Art ows to the Mysteries, and in order to do so, it is necessary that the doctrine of the obedience to the Unknown Superior is highlighted.

Spiritual Hierarchy seems to be an unavoideable corrollary of esthetic unity. Occult science is spread enough today for the methods of ceremonial magic to be understood by a larger number of people. The existence of the Unknown Masters is a notion of capital importance when occult training is contemplated.

If spiritual liberalism is possible, it has already be achieved in the past. The instructions of Those Who have trodden the Path of the Spirit are the most precious, mostly because they don't call upon the methods of ordinary reasoning, but they call upon an inner perception that is normally strangled by our bad mental habits. It is therefore necessary to stimulate the awakening of such perception, by proposing to the candidate disciple a work schedule allowing him to acquire the personnal experience he is missing.

But why should the Masters remain Unknown? Wouldn't it be better for humanity if They would provide the teachings openly and to all?

If we think of it, the Masters are always present, and They don't remain Unknown to those who seak for Them in the appropriate way. The mental knowledge of the existence of the Masters is useless. What is important is the increasingly clearer perception of Their Presence, of Their Life. And this cannot be described by mental dissertation.

Man is a god and humanity is composed of beings having the potential to be restored in their original splendor, if their latent energies are re-awaken. The Mysteries are to the education of candidates, what families and schools are to children. They adapt themselves to the advancement of humanity. So, there are changes to be made to the form of the Masonic Initiatic process, but not to the esoteric doctrine.

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