The Liberal Catholic Magazine VISION was created in December 2001 to establish a link between the various Congregations of the Liberal Catholic Church in Canada.

Vast distances exist between these Congregations making other forms of communication unpractical. Furthermore, many cultural differences exist in the different parts of the country and the two National languages make the attemps to communicate even more complicated. Therefore, the articles published in VISION will remain in the language of the authors, only news and general information will be translated.

Printed copies are no longer disributed, but sent attached to emails to the various subscribers. Our goal is to publish annually, and more frequently if more financial resources are available. The magazine is published in .PDF format, which preserves the original layour regardless of the computer equipment used by our readers. The Acrobat software needed to read these files can be downloaded free of charge from the www.adobe,com

Nr 1: Christmas 2001
Nr 2: Easter 2003
Nr 3: Christmas 2003
Nr 4: St Michael 2004