Announcement A New Presiding Bishop 1
The Power of the Name M.H.W.. 2
The Assumption of Our Lady Rev.Johan van der Stok. 6
Belgium Rev. Pierre-Marie Hermant 9
Cameroon Rev. Laurent Ngah 9
Canada Rev. Eric Archambault 10
France & French Speaking Africa Bishop Consecration in Paris 10
The Netherlands The Rt. Rev. Frank den Outer 10
Sweden Sister Carina Carlström 12
Denmark The Rev. Kenneth Christensen 13
NEWS FROM OUR PROVINCE A New Provincial Constitution 14
Consecration of a Bishop, Middletown, NY   14
Consecration of a Bishop, Rio Rancho, NM   14
Expansion of our movement in the USA   14
Saint Raphael, Orlando, FL. Rev. William M. Delahunt 15
Saint Francis, Minnesota, MN David S. Cargo 16
Holy Sophia, Stockholm, WI Pat and Wally Zick 16
Saint Raphael, Montrose, NY Rev. Edouard Fagan 16
Our Lady, Rock Tavern, NY Rev. Joan Warnon 17
ABANUS Press   17
The LCC in cyberspace   18
List of Parishes   19
General Information   20